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Here you will find what people had to say about our products.

This is a small sample of the feedback I have received from people!



These pictures were sent to me by a customer that was very thrilled with our halters as this 1,200lb+ 15.1 hand 4 year old named Cowboy gave it a test. He was a known felon of breaking halters and leads. My conversation on the phone with Mike, revealed that after a couple of tries Cowboy now stands with his head over the hitch rail when tied. Thank You for the quick thinking to get these pictures Mike and Pat.

Anyone wanting to relive this tale or ask questions are free to contact Mike at mpnovinger@arkwest.com, he would love to tell you about Cowboy and our halters!

I love the new halter and lead. This is a very spoiled 4 year old, 1400 pd's 15 hands. My son bought her as a 6 month old never touched baby. Two weeks later was 9-11 and he left her with me and went into the military. I have made a pet out of her and she refused to be tied. She was a master at breaking halters. I had bought the best. She gave her all to yours and finally gave up. Thanks for a Great Halter. I will be getting back with you for another of a different color. Thanks Again. Kathy

His name is Midnight, he's a big 16 hand beautiful black quarter horse. After having to have his left eye removed from a virus that infected his eye, his owner began to make concessions for him, and actually let him get away with things he hadn't ever been allowed to do before the surgery. The little things began building into BIG behaviors she just couldn't tolerate anymore. She was at a trail ride this spring, and as I and others began riding away from her Midnight began to get ansy, then before things escalated she bailed off of him. When we got back to camp she came to me and asked if I would work with him. Of course I agreed to work with him, but right then and there the first thing I did was put one of Keitha's halters on him (with the correctional noseband). I walked him several feet away from the onlookers and then pulled on the lead. Gasp's went out among those watching as this big horse nearly SAT DOWN! For the first time in a while someone was telling him what to do, rather than him bullying and pushing his way around. Of course this was only the first lesson in taking back the leadership role in their relationship, but my 4 foot 10 inch friend has been THRILLED to have her old horse back that has patience and listens to her again. It felt good to put that kind of control back in her hands. I carry Keitha's halters with me when I go to trail rides, and use them to illustrate how easy it is to get your horse to mind their manners while being led. I am a firm believer that if you don'thave control of your horse from the ground you will NEVER get it once you get up onto their back. Thank you Keitha, for tying these great training tools! Your Friend and Lifelong Customer . . . Chris Kaegi-Stephens Valley Center, KS

I got the halter today and LOVE it! Thanks again so much and I'll be in touch again soon for more stuff! Sincerely, Heather

My name is Sarah Johnson, I am an Equine Science major at Colorado State University. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing your halter has been in my experience with horses for the past few years. I bought a halter and 12' lead from you in 2005, and I haven’t used another since!! This past year, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the colt training class at CSU, and I used your halter on both of my assigned Quarter Horse fillies! One of them came from the infamous 6666 ranch, and had never really been handled before in her life! With your halter and lead I was able to train her everything from respecting the halter all the way to basic saddling maneuvers (cinching up, throwing the lead on her back like I would the saddle or pad, etc). It even helped with getting her accustomed to the lariat in her later training sessions!! Currently, I am helping a friend re-train her Arabian gelding; despite the wear and tear the colts put the halter and lead through it still works as if I'm using it for the first time! Your product is still making a huge difference in the responses I get! It's amazing to see how much more responsive they become with the lightest cue! Honestly I can't say enough!! Thank you for everything you do!! Keep up the great work! Sarah (PS--I have attached a couple of pictures of some of the horses I have worked with the halter. The bay and sorrel are my 2 girls from the colt training class; I apologize for the poor quality! The black is the gelding currently in training.)

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of your work. I ordered the 3 pc set (halter and lead, lunge line, stick and string) and, honestly, was a bit concerned about having to order it, sight unseen, from the States. Well, I just ordered a set for my husband and matching reins for myself so that tells you how much we like this product! Living in Ontario, Canada, it seems that this sort of thing is just not readily available. If you find yourself in need of a Canadian distributor, please contact me. Thanks for such an excellent product! Lorie

Received them the other day and just wanted to let you know they are fantastic! Glad I took the time to measure, fit perfectly and didn't interfere with the bridal fit at all, and comes in really handy on trail. I highly suggest a bridle lead line combo as a great gift for the equestrian who's hard to buy for ~ my Wife just loved it! thanks again. Scott

Just a note to say thank you for the halter. This is my second one and I really like it. The red will look great on my bay and white paint. I will send you pictures of my horse with this halter on. You can use it on your website if you would like. I will send you one of my husbands horse just as soon as I can catch him and put it on. Again, thanks for the item and the prompt shipment. You are always very easy to work with. Diane

Thanks so much for the pink halter with pink and black lead. The fit is absolutely perfect. Most tack stores don't carry a size that fits this pony and I haven't found anyone who has such a fun color selection. The 10' lead turned out to be the perfect amount of lead for my 5 year old to carry around as well. We're renting Clinton Anderson tapes and trying his techniques to get this wild little speed event pony settled down so my daughter can ride her. I had a stiff weanling halter on her and I started to notice it was bothering her and making her more difficult to work with. She responded really well to having this halter on instead and we had a great lesson today. My mom bought a little filly and when she comes home from the trainer I'll be making another order for her as well :) Thanks again, Jenn

I just wanted to let you know that my new halter arrived this morning, it looks great can't wait to see it on my new foal when he arrives in Sept. thanks again for another wonderful halter. Thanx, Jennifer

Your halters really are top-notch. Thanks! Jen

I received the halter, it's great! It is beautiful. My friend is going to love it! Thank you so much! Best Wishes, Joan

I received my halters today, you are really outstanding to do business with, really nice halter!!! Hope to do business again!!!!
Thanks Lisa

I love the halter. It is awesome. I had e-mail problems so I may have accidentally e-mailed twice. It may have sounded like I was nagging, sorry. I am so happy with the halter. I may have to get another when she outgrows this one. I love the color, it's great!!! Renee

Hello there!! I really love your halter and wish that I would of order more then just one....do you send your items overseas too? Because im German and have friends who would love to get them too, thanks again!!!! Claudia

I wanted to let you know that your halters stand up to what you say they do. I bought a 2 yr old Medicine Hat Tobiano Colt and he had never been in a trailer before yesterday and the halter that I got from you a couple of months ago did it's job. He weighs about 800 lbs and we struggled with him for over two hours to get him into the trailer and not once did the halter faulter on us and finally we got him into the trailer and tied him up and the halter never showed any wear on it other than we had to retie it on him three times since the knot stretch out. GREAT PRODUCT AND WELL WORTH THE MONEY. Keep selling those great products. Beth

Oh wow, they are wonderful, I just love them, thanks ...Annette

Halters arrived! They are beautifully done -- I've bought other halters in the same style that were very poorly tied and finished - I love your halters and plan on buying more later on!! Thanks for the great service!! Jackie

I received my rope halters last night!!! I can't believe how nice they are!!! You could easily sell them for 3x what you're getting! I'll be keeping an eye out and will more than likely buy more later on, they would come in handy to have as an extra halter in the barn, on the fence, etc.!!! Thanks again!!! Michelle

Hi this is Sheena. I got the 2 weanling rope halters, they are perfect. I am more than happy with them. Thank you for showing such care and concern, I appreciate it. Sincerely, Sheena

They came in today, just in time for the foals to arrive tomorrow afternoon!! Thanks so much for your discount and speedy shipment!! We will definitely keep you in mind for future needs (I am looking at your Haltamore, personally ;o) thanks so much!!

I have received the halter and lead!! It is great!! Thanks very much!! :-) Sharon

I love my rope halter. I have a weanling colt that this is going to be the ticket to getting him lighter than on his nylon web halter. He will be responding to feather light cues in no time. I am happy to finally get this tool in my hands. Also he is a palomino and the purple looks real spiffy! Lisa

Hi, I got the halter and it fits great! I am really happy with it and you have been very helpful. Thank you!!! Lori

Just to let you know that your rope halters came in the mail the other day. They are wonderful and I cannot wait for my foals to come on the ground this spring! Thanks! Erin

Received them and I am extremely pleased. Great workmanship. Mitzi

Keitha! I got the halter in yesterday's mail!!! It's gorgeous! No surprise there! As always, I am impressed by the workmanship and quality
of each item that I have purchased from you! Thank you so very much!! Pamela

Just wanted to let you know, we got the halter. It fits the Percheron perfectly!! Thank you so much for your patience... I'll keep you in mind for future purchases. Thanks again, Jeannie

Did I tell you I got the halter and JUST LOVE IT. You just do an amazing job - that halter couldn't be better and the quality is so great. I am one happy customer and I imagine I will be buying again from you...

I received my halter and love it , it is soft and pliable enough that it doesn't rub a bald spot on my mules face where the knots are. I have store bought ones that I can't use for that reason. Thanks, it's perfect! Leslie

I am very impressed with the quick delivery of my order. Everything came in yesterday! The halter is a perfect fit and looks good on my mare, I
haven't tried the haltamore on, but I am sure it will fit good, also. I am very satisfied with the quality of all three products. Thanks again for everything and I hope all of your customers are as satisified as I am! Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Janet and Princess

Dear Keitha, Thanks again so much for the halter you made for me. It fits "Hero" perfectly, and so far he has been like a lamb to lead.
I will certainly contact you when I need another ropehalter in the future. Thanks !Sincerely, Sherry

Thank you. I received the halter on Saturday and Iam very pleased with your product. My horse loves not having on that heavy halter on him anymore. I am very satisfied with it. Great colors too. It matches him so well. I am thinking that later on in the year i am going to have to order another one when he gets to big for this one. Thanks again for the great halter. Couldn't of received a better one. Jennifer

I just wanted to drop you a line & let you know that I received the halters today. I can't begin to say how much I like these halters. They are soooo handy. I have an oversized 2 year old that I show in halter (15.3 - 1150#). For some reason he had taken to really setting back on the halters and breaking them at the shows. He's now worn the one that I purchased from you earlier to about three shows now and that nasty little behavior has stopped after about 3 attempts. The cool thing is that they don't break & it makes him learn to give to the pressure. I especially like your halters. They are so much nicer that the ones that I had purchased several years ago. Those were just so stiff & hard to work with. These are great! Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Kelly

I received my package today. Thank you for your quick response in getting them to me. I have used Clinton Anderson's halters before and
the ones I received from you are of the highest quality. Thank you for everything and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Tracy

Hi Keitha, I received the halters today. They are incredibly nice. Not only were mine worn out, but we bought two new horses and didn't have rope halters for them. I wish the feedback column were larger for great sellers like you. Thanks for a great item at a great price. Take care, Teresa

Thank you for sending the halter and lead, and the hackamore. I like them very much and will work very well with my natural horsemanship training. Great quality and a lot less expensive. Thank you again. I will order from you again. Nance

We've been using your knotted halter on a severely spoiled 3 year old, I've never had any equipment that worked this well! Thank you! Edward

You have the best equipment going and my Amish friend plans on ordering some things also and maybe some of his friends also. Kelsterhorses

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I received the rope halters today, they are beautiful. You do an excellent job!! Thanks again! Anita

WOW!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!! THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!! When I opened the package I could not beleive it!! Thanks for the extras too thats sooo wonderful!! Anybody needs to purchase halters I will be sending them your way!! I love all the colors!! I just can't say thank you enough!! These are by far the best quality halters I have ever come across!! No comparison!! Thanks again!!!! And will be back for more for sure!!!Talk to you soon!! Thanks for such awesome product. Jen

I got the halter/lead on Saturday. It is absolutely fantastic! You did such a great job! I really appreciate it and will recommend you highly. You should go to the horse expo up here in the fall, you would sell so many items. Thanks again, Pia

Your halters are the best I have found and the closest to what all the "natural" trainers are using! Thanks for making a great product! Jen

Keitha, My husband was amazed how well Magic responds to your halter. (extra knots on nose band) I will work on getting a picture in it and send it to you. Thanks again, Carrie

Keitha, I received the halter yesterday and was able to try it out today. I love it!! Everyone at the farm that saw it today thought it was awesome too! One of the ladies, Ellen, may be ordering from you soon. We are having a Parelli Play day this Saturday and I'm sure the bright yellow halter will be noticed. If anyone asks and is interested, would you mind if I printed out a couple of slips with your company name and website listed on it? I had 2 people who board where I do already ask and I'm sure several people who come on Saturday will ask as well, as the halter is very eye catching and well made! I somehow managed to give one measurement a touch too long (from cheek to throat) but it's easily adjustable. When I order another halter, I'll have to adjust that one measurement a tad. I was able to adjust it some myself. It looks so good on her! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you to others. Jen and Cheyanne

I received the halter/lead. So fast - thank you! Absolutely the highest quality rope & craftsmanship. Believe me I know, I have both Parelli & Clinton Anderson equipment (along with some other mfgs I won't mention) but I like yours better! Thanks again Keitha! Lisa

My order arrived today in Australia. Just letting you know that the halter was the right size :-) Thank you Joanne

Just wanted to send you a photo and let you know how much I like the beautiful purple halter and leadrope...a LOT!! I have been using it regularly and have been using it to ride with as well. I have been leasing "Honey" from a ranch just south of
where I live and I think it looks really great on her. Thanks so much for making this beautiful high quality product at an affordable price available! Wendy


Hi Keitha, I received my rope halters last night!!! I can't believe how nice they are!!! You could easily sell them for 3x what you're getting! I'll be keeping an eye out and will more than likely buy more later on, they would come in handy to have as an extra halter in the barn, on the fence, etc!!! Thanks again!!!

Hi. I received the haltamore in yesterday's mail and got a chance to use it today. I love it and my horse loves it too! No more cold bits in winter! Thanks a lot, Patty.

I am extremely pleased with the "haltamore" that I bought from you! How did you know that green was my favorite color? I love it! The "haltamore" is so beautiful that any horse person would be proud to show it off! Your shipping was SUPER fast!
Thanks a million! Jessica

I received the Haltamore in the mail today and LOVE IT. My husband like it too and said he wants to try it on his horse. If it works good on his horse and mine we will probably be buying another one. Thanks again for everything. Mike and Carrie

I received the halter and lead. The halter fits great. I'm really pleased with the way the tie end is finished so that the two pieces stay together. The lead rope is exactly as described. I'm really happy with the quality of the rope used. I looked at a lot of different rope halters and yours were made of the highest quality rope. A lot of others are making them from rope that isn't even close to strong enough to hold a horse. Thanks for all the great communication! I really think those knots in the noseband make a difference. Marge

Hi Keitha, the halters are wonderful! I like the size and stiffness (light, not real stiff). The smallest looks adorable on the baby, and is so nice not to have all the buckles and weight of a regular nylon. Thank you! Bonnie

Keitha, I received my halters today. So glad I got the next size up. The foal size was just a bit too small on him. Black one has a little growing room in it. I will just keep the small one. We are expecting a new baby in the spring so he will be able to use it. From the little time I had it on Magic I could tell that it just might do the trick. He was very responsive. Did take him to a little show this weekend. His first. He placed third out of ten. He was so good. Maybe the show in two weeks he will knock them dead. Ha! Anyway that you so much for you attention. I will let you know more of his progress when I have a chance to use the halter more. Thanks, Carrie


I got it yesterday and tried it out too. Had a older gelding that I am fostering for a rescue group....He was broke young and then just left to run in a pasture with his mom the last 15 years. I rode him with my other sidepull on Monday and actually rubbed a little abrasion on his nose because he is so goey. Well, I rode him with yours yesterday....and I know that he rode better because it was the second day we rode, however, the difference in control was incredible! For some reason I can just pick up the reins and he moves his head the right direction? (I just have to get his body to follow, he is stiff) Anyway I really like it! Its raining for the next few days so I won't be able to try it out on my others, but looking forward to it.... will tell you how it goes on the other horses, will probably order one for the quarter horses. Thanks so much for doing this! It really works! ( no rubbing on the nose either)! Amy

Hi, seems this is the quickest way to contact you. Love the side pull. I'm going to use this under a snaffle bridle and hopefully this touchy mare will take confidence, as she has had rope halter ground work, the 7 games being used on her for the last 6 or 7 months, she still is lacking security in directions coming from the snaffle bit. Thanks Fay

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the results with the new bridle. It works great, my horse is much more relaxed therefore I'm more relaxed. She also pays much better attention since she's not busy playing with the bit. She tends to make some pretty big moves when she spooks and I've noticed a decrease in her reaction to things, such as deer jumping out of bushes, and pheasant jumping out from beneath us in tall grass. I also feel more stable when she does spook because I'm not hanging on to her mouth which causes her to move her head to relieve the pressure...instead I'm hanging on to something more solid....her hard head..:)....which doesn't cause her pain thus diminishing the effect of her spooking. I think with time she'll learn that spooking won't cause her pain thus reducing the frequency and magnitude of her reaction.... Thanks for a great product.... I'll be ordering another one for the baby soon... Gregory

I also wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the AB sidepull I bought from you a few months ago. My girls respond really well to it and I don't have to worry when I let beginners ride them. The riders can't hurt the horse by tugging too much on a bit if they lose balance.
Thanks again, Rachel

I tried the AB sidepull on the "lazy" one and had good success on him too! He is my husbands 4yr old who has picked up the habit of, when he gets tired, grabbing the bit out of your hand and bulling through and not watching where his feet are stepping. He tried this once with this sidepull on me and decided that didn't work and "really didn't feel good." Thanks for your time, Virginia

Got my Arthur-Burris sidepull on Saturday, and put it on Vern (my 3-year old paint gelding) on Sunday. He loved it!! I had no problems controlling him...he took to it right away. And it looks great on him...the dark green really looks nice with his solid sorrel color. Anyway, thanks for a great product...I really, really love the reins!! Thanks for the fast shipping!!! Mike

Hi, I got my A/B side pull yesterday and just had to use it! Just able to take a quick jaunt around the paddock once, but boy does Baby stop good now! I am planning on using this for training my young mules too, so may order an extra one too. Trying to talk my "training" friend into it for her youngsters too. Absolute wonderful quality too! Thanks for the wonderful product!!!!! D Bar J Acres

I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with this new set-up! My trainer, Rose, was skeptical when she saw it - she thought it was too soft and flimsy to be effective. She rode my mare first with the new bridle/reins and was amazed at the difference in her responsiveness! When I got on her, it was the first time that I have felt in total control since I quit riding her in a mule bit. Rose asked if she could try the AB Sidepull on another one of her horses to see if the results were consistent, so I told her to go ahead. She has another tough mare that sets her jaw and refuses to bend to the left side, so I'll let you know what happens. The weight of the reins is great, I feel like I have contact without having to put any pressure on the reins. My mare is much more relaxed in this bridle, too. I have been working on re-training her for over a year now and haven't been cantering her at all because she gets too wound up. Well, I actually broke into a canter and wove through a couple of barrels and got her to back down and relax. Rose was grinning from ear to ear! The only thing I would change would be to order the reins about 18" shorter the next time and perhaps put a leather sliding ring to hold the reins together, while still allowing for length adjustments. I am sorry I forgot to bring my camera along this morning, but next time I ride, I will definitely get a photo for you. I'm also very happy with the color and hardware - it's a beautiful match for my chocolate colored saddle with brass fittings. Thanks again for all your assistance! I have a feeling that my friends will soon be ordering from you as well. You have been such a pleasure to work with! Take care, Dawn

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AB Side Pull Comments


Keitha, the Mecate arrived yesterday!! I can't tell you how much I like it. I was at the Equine Affaire last week and looked at several and they
are no where near the quality of yours. It's just beautiful!! And green is my favorite color!!! I'll get to try it out on Tuesday...I can't
wait!! Thank you so very much! It was a pleasure to do business with you! And thanks for the price list for your other items that you sell!!! Pamela

Hi, Keitha! I got the Mecate tied just fine, thanks to your great directions!! It's just enough weight with the slobber straps to make the shanks on the bit work great. The reins that I had were too light and because the shanks are curved back, I wasn't able to get it to work the way it should. With the Mecate, it works just great and my horse was a happy camper!! Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful holiday season!!! Best always, Pam and Cody

I just received my hand-tied halter and lead rope in the mail and wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship! I will definitely purchase from you in the future! Sincerely, Jennifer

Received halter and lead rope today. What wonderful craftsmanship! Thanks, Kathleen

My halter and lead rope came in yesterday. They are beautiful and I am very pleased with the purchase. (Especially since it was half the price that Clinton Anderson charges!) I can't wait to get in some more horse training. Thank you for such prompt service. -Meredith

I just received the halter & lead that I ordered from you. WOW! That was quick! I am very pleased with your product & will not hesitate to order from you again if the situation arises. Thanks, Kathy

I received the halter/lead rope today and it is so much better than what I was expecting, great product you have. I will be happy to tell my friends of your products and address. I am sure I will be shopping with you again in the future, and thanks. Thanks A Million Julie

Just wanted to let you know I have already received my order. That was very fast and I am very pleased with the quality of the halters and training lead Now if it will just warm up enough so I can go outside and try them out. : ) I will recommend you to my friends! Thanks, Karen

I wanted to let you know your Clinton Anderson halter/rope works great. I just love it. Super quality too. I probably will be back!! Thanks Trina

I just received my Natural Horseman Training Stick and String today and I love it. I compared it to my friend's Handi Stick that she made over 3 times the money for, and personally I think mine is nicer! Thanks again for "making something in the horse world affordable!" Linda

I received the halter and lead. The halter fits great. I'm really pleased with the way the tie end is finished so that the two pieces stay together. The lead rope is exactly as described. I'm really happy with the quality of the rope used. I looked at a lot of different rope halters and yours were made of the highest quality rope. A lot of others are making them from rope that isn't even close to strong enough to hold a horse. Thanks for all the great communication! I really think those knots in the noseband make a difference. Marge

WOW!! What a differance, an item that we had worked hard on, trotting on lead, was there in just a moment or two. What a wonderful, and very exciting training tool. We played for an hour and I'm still having a hard time believing what I just experianced. The halter and lead are everything that you said that it would be and even more. I'm very excited about bringing our weanlings in, in a couple of weeks and starting them with this. I can't help but wonder how far along this colt would be if we had started with this halter and lead. As I grow in being trained by these wonderful animals, they take me to wonderful and exciting people, thanks for your encouragement and products. Terrell and Kim at the Wild Hare Ranch

Good morning! I received my training stick and string on Saturday and am very happy! Thanks so much for the great service and I look forward to buying more items from you in the near future! Thanks again, Jenny

Hi, I have just received the training stick... Thank you so much! I really like it. Thank you for the fast shipping and great communication! A happy buyer, Tiffany

Keitha: I'm loving the shu-fly you made for me as well as the training stick. When I was asked to help procure items for a silent auction I immediately thought of you and your work. Mary

I recieved my natural horsemanship stick yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. It's very good quality at a great price.
Thanks again, Alisa

The stick is wonderful. I've only been able to use it a few times but I love it. It is so easy for me to handle. I've ridden my mare in the haltamore a few times also and what I love about it is that you really have to rely on your seat and legs. All of the equipment you have made for us is top notch and I've passed your name along to several of our friends along with your web address. Will stay in touch. Lynn

Just got this today, and it's incredible - the quality is wonderful and I can't believe how fast you shipped! Thank you for making this so easy - I think there are a lot of folks out there who would like to do the parelli program but just can't afford his prices - your products make it possible for me to start work with my gelding now instead of 6 months from now! I can't thank you enough, and I will pass on your info to anyone else at my barn who is 'saving up' for parelli gear!! -debbie

Keitha, Wanted you to know that the package was picked up at the post office yesterday. We are so pleased with all the items. They are high quality, well made and fairly priced. She is so very pleased with them. Thank you for offering these items. We ordered the Parelli Partnership package to use with our horses last year, only one set of training tools and two of us trying to train at the same time. Faith is sixteen and needed to buy her own tools and was dithering over the price of more Parelli items (Clinton wasn't much better). I found you on Tack Trader.com and surfed into your site. I am so glad! Will most likely be back as our training needs arise. Thank you, Eva-Marie

Got the macate, halter & slobbers a couple of days ago. I really like the feel of the braid on braid rope. It is just a bit smaller diameter and seems to fit my hands better, and feels just as responsive & lively as the Samson. Just wish it came in solid white. I will be back soon. Thank you, Kit
(It can be purchased in Solid White now)

Just wanted to let you know that my reins arrived. I love them just as much as I love all the other rope tack I've gotten from you. Pretty soon I'll have a complete set! Thanks! Jennifer

Two years ago I purchased the 10 foot long Samson braid loop reins with the brass snaps. I was delighted that someone actually sold a long trail rein since the eight foot lengths were never long enough to be practical for me or my horse. About six months after the purchase I was riding with friends in the mountains. When we had stopped for a lunch break our horses spooked and ran off. My horse had the reins end up flipping over his head and dragging on the ground. I had undone one of the bolt snaps and the remaining rein was dragging behind him. We searched for hours and found the other horses except mine before it became too dark to safely look any more. I had to leave the area knowing my horse was out in the mountains with the rein still attached to his hackamore. I was worried sick about what could happen to him. The next morning we all hiked back in and found him. The rein had ended up being wound around and caught in a rocky outcropping. Amazingly my horse had weathered the night out in the mountains without a scratch! I thought I would have to buy another set of reins since the set I had were drug around over the rocks and trail all night before becoming lodged in a rock outcropping. You can immagine how pleased I was to discover that after I washed the reins I found that they were in amazing condition!!!!! They showed no sign of stretching or fraying. The only parts I eneded up replacing were the leather end pieces since they had worn from being caught in the rocks. You make an amazing product!

I just wanted to say that I received my package today. I am super pleased with everything! I cant wait to use it on my horse, Im sure that he will be pleased. Once I get out of school and get more horses and start training, I am definitely going to get my natural aids from you. Thank-you, Gary

Dear Keitha, I wanted you to know I love my new BOB lead ropes. They are so pretty and I like the lighter weight and quicker response when using them. I found my old sampson rope heavier and slower to send a message down so I am getting much better response from my horse with the BOB lead when working with her. Thanks for a great product! Here are a couple of photos of my Spanish Mustang mare, Feather, wearing her halter and lead rope made by you. (in one, she had just lifted her head quickly and the rope is swinging) You can post one if you want to. Thanks again, Valerie

I received my order yesterday and am SO pleased with it! The halter and lead rope are absolutely GORGEOUS, and the workmanship is excellent! The training stick is perfect! You were prompt and efficient in shipping the items. I'm very impressed and hope to order more from you. I will definitely encourage fellow equine enthusiasts to patronize you. I'm so glad I bought from cowgirls in Kansas instead of supporting workers in China! Thanks! Terry

Hi I ordered a halter and reins from you through Mark. I have a Thoroughbred who has never had the pleasure in his life to ride without a bit
in his mouth and it has taken me some time learning natural horsemanship with him to now be able to use products such as yours and I just wanted to say I am very happy with the quality ..Thank you ..Jane

I just got my halter, lead, stick, and string in the mail today!! I tried it on my horse and it looks GREAT!! Very professional looking! I'm so happy that I found you instead of having to buy these things from Clinton Anderson! You have a great variety of colors and speedy processing and shipping! Anyway, I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how much I like my set from you! I will be telling all of my friends about your website! Oh, and I will also take a picture of my horse with your halter on him once the ground dries up a little more! Thanks so much!! Rebekah >:o}=

Thanks for your prompt shipment of the beautiful Natural Horseman training stick and string. My 14-year-old daughter paid for this with her own money and is very happy with your product and looking forward to her lunge lesson tomorrow with her horse! Again, thank you. Cathy

I received the package today! Thanks for the prompt service! The large horse size halter fits him perfectly and I LOVE the color! Wish I would have known about your products BEFORE I purchased the Parelli halter that didn't fit and I never got around to returning for a refund! I'll be back for more when I get a second horse! Thanks again! Lori

I received my package today and am very pleased with your prompt services and the product! Thank-you, MF

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