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I have created this page to help further your knowledge or for those who buy tack and then are not sure how to proceed with it.

Just a few How To's, that I get asked the most.

If you have a suggestion of something that should be added let me know.

Tying a proper Poll Strap Knot.

If tightened properly you should always be able to loosen the poll strap to remove the halter from your horse.

Take note that the knot goes over the loop, Not above the loop.

The easiest way to remember how to tie this knot is, down through the loop, go behind the loop towards the eye and then around to the front behind the poll strap, towards the butt.

So just remember: Loop, Eye, Butt

Fixing the Fiador Knot

The #1 Problem with Fiador Knots, is they come undone easily.

I sew the halter loop ends together, so they can be fixed without knowing a lot about knots.

Lay the loop out flat, find the two pieces that are sewn together (arrows pointed to the sewn area in picture #1).

Push or pull the two pieces that are sewn together through the middle of the knot (it should start to look like picture #2).

Once loops look like picture #3, grab at arrows (or on each side of the Fiador knot) and pull to tighten knot.

Moving the Blood Knot

To loosen and move a knot, simply grab the rope on each side of the knot and push in, once knot is loosened, grab knot and slowly slide it.

Try to keep the X in place while sliding.

Adjusting the Fiador Knot

This one can be somewhat difficult and intimidating for people.

All it takes is a little patience and being able to follow the piece of rope you want to adjust.

This is not exactly drawn right, but in order to see all the ropes it had to be a little out of wack!

As you can see the Red and Green Rope and the Blue and Yellow are the same rope.

Example: You want more room in the nose area, in this diagram that would be Blue and Red.

Grab Red follow it through the knot to the loop, once it is determined which loop and side of loop you want to make smaller, simply push some of that loop back into the knot and follow it through to the nose area, repeat for the Blue side. Then grab the nose knots in one hand and on top of the Fiador Knot (where the 4 ropes go into the knot) with the other and pull to tighten the Fiador Knot back up.

Attaching Slobber Straps and Mecate or Rein to Bit

Rope is half hitched around slobber strap.

You must run the popper end through the slobber strap hole first.

With a mecate pull the whole length of the mecate through the first slobber strap, make a half hitch with the tassel end, then measure for rein length and make another half hitch with the lead end.

Attaching the Mecate to a Halter

This can be done different ways, this is just an example.

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