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Haley & Ginny-Australian Halter & BOB Lead
Classy- Australian Halter & BOB Lead

Chief - Australian Halter & BOB Lead
Classy - Australian Halter & BOB Lead

Drifter - Australian Halter
Merle - Australian Halter & BOB Lead

Donk - Regular BOB Halter

Lewis - Regular BOB Halter

Dixie & Alton (Yo Yo Game) Australian Halter/BOB Lead & Stick

Buddy & Dennis Jay -Loop Rein with Slobber Straps

Sangre Breeze - Regular BOB Halter
Touch of Gold - Australian Halter & BOB Lead

Cherokee - Regular BOB Halter
Simon - Regular BOB Halter

Freckles - Regular BOB Halter
Dixie - Regular Halter

Trinity, Brook, & Angela Side Pull/BOB Lead
Sky & Lorrie Side Pull/BOB Lead

Ajax - BOB Yearling Halter
Indy - XLS Draft Halter

Samson Mecate with Slobber Straps
Dollar and Red - BOB Halter

The BOYS, Cindy, & Diane- XLS Halters - Samson Leads
Scout & Leanna - XLS Halter - Samson Lead

Satin & Flame 1 Week - BOB NB Foal Halter
Querida Foal - BOB Halter

Sarah - BOB Halter
Tarafina - Australian Weanling Halter

Arwin - BOB Halter and Lead
Sterre and Nienke- Samson Halter & Lead

Double Dot - Australian Weanling Halter
Rowdee - BOB Weanling Halter

Huck Huck Hurray ER - Samson Halter & Lead
Blue Valentine Fillies - BOB Halters

Mayfly - Samson Arab Halter & Lead
Kayal - CA Arab Halter

Hero - BOB Halter
Olona - EQ Braid Halter

LakotasFirewalker - CA Halter
Cruiser - CA Halter

Charm - Samson Loop Rein
Nola & Elliot - BOB Halter and Mecate

Bien & Elliot - BOB New Born Foal Halter
Aurabuzz - BOB Arab Halter

Lady -CA Halter and Lead
Sahara - BOB Arab Halter and Lead

Tuba - Draft Rope Haltamore BOB
Oboe - Draft Rope Haltamore BOB

Cookie and Pure - Yearling Halters BOB
Junior - Cob Halter XLS Samson

Tica - Haltamore BOB
3 yr old Brenna - BOB Loop Reins

Jewel - Draft BOB Halter and Lead
Princess & Madison - BOB Pony Halter

Brightwod Sebastian - Sam W Halter
Zeke - Sam W Indian Reiner/ XLS Rein/Lead

Haley - XLS Pony Halter
Indian - CA Adult Halter

Junior - CA Arab Foal
Feather Spanish Mustang - BOB Halter & Lead

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