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On this page you will find products that we have custom made.
Llama Halter
Large Steer Halter XLS Rope
Goat Halter
Be Nice Lead
Goat Halter with 6' Lead
Goat Halter
Tie Down with Nose Knots with 4' Strap
Mecate with Black Slobber Straps and Popper
Dotted Slobber Straps Concho and Popper
Bucking Bull Flank Rope
1/4" Collar
1/4" Leash
1/2" Leash
1/4" Leash
Bit Halter with Braided Noseband and Browband
1/2" Collar
Loop Nose Halter
Buyer supplied the horse hair tassels for 7 1/2' Reins
Dog Halter
Dog Halter
Bow Sling
2 More Bow Slings
Wither Strap
Neck Rope - for roping
Neck Rope in use.
Leather Break Away
Tassel Reins with Water Loops and Snaps
Side Pull Bit Bridle
Dog Harness
Goat Halter/Lead
Bit Side Pull
Draft Halters Leather Nosebands
Stick Split Reins with Leather Stoppers
Noseband for Bridle
Bridle Drop Back Throat Latch
Halter with Caveson Noseband
Halter with Leather Noseband
Halter with Leather Noseband
Cross Ties
Side Pull Bit Bridle
12' Neck Lead Rope with Parcord Fastners
Hackamore made from Rein and Lead.
Stick Split Reins
Camel Halter
Side Pull, Rein, Lead
Side Pull and Rein
Slobber Straps with Conchos and Tassels
Zebra Halter

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