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Handcrafted Jewels

Rope Horse Tack

to offer you quality affordable rope tack.

Natural Horsemanship Tack

Hayes is for Horses rope tack is made and shipped by Handcrafted Jewels Rope Horse Tack.

All inquires on tack should be emailed to

1/4" Halters, Strings offered in these colors.
1/2" Leads and Reins offered in these colors.

White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Brown, Orange, Neon Green,

Navy Blue, Burgundy, Turquoise, Bk/Blue, Bk/Red, Bk/Purple, Bk/Pink, Bk/Yellow,

Bk/Neon Green, Bk/Orange, Black/Brown, Black Rainbow

Blue/Neon Green, Purple/Neon Green, Purple/Orange, Blue/Pink, Red/Grey,

Purple/Yellow, Brown/Pink, Brown/Blue, Brown/Tan, Brown/Yellow,

Navy/Burgundy, Rainbow, Camo, Wh/Black, Wh/Blue, Wh/Red, Wh/Green, Wh/Purple,

Wh/Pink, Wh/Tan, Wh/Burgundy, Wh/Grey

Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Navy, Burgundy,

Brown, Orange, Neon Green, Turquoise, Bk/Blue, Bk/Pink, Bk/Red,

Bk/Purple, Bk/Neon Green, Brown/Tan

Hayes is for Horses Training Package offered in GREEN - features 1/4" Double Braid Halter, 1/2" Double Braid 12' Loop Lead, 1/4" x 6' Double Braid Training String, and 4' Fiberglass Training Stick.

Buying this package gives you 10% off the regular price.

Just a reminder the stick will be shipped separately.

1/4" Double Braid Halter and 1/2" Double Braid 12' Loop Lead attached to the halter.

Halters are made from a 1/4" soft double braid rope.

They feature a fiador knot, and knot keeper above the fiador knot.

1/2" x 12' Leads made from double braided rope, feature a spliced loop end and spliced popper end with latigo leather popper.

1/4" x 6' Training Strings made from double braided rope with loop ends and latigo popper.

Light weight sticks is made from fiberglass and features a leather tip and rubber handle.

String sold separately.

All sticks are shipped Priority Mail insured, if your stick is damaged in shipping, please email me right away with details of damage, so I can file a claim.

All sticks are shipped separately from other items purchased due to the post office destroying boxes.

This way only the stick does not get delivered.


Most orders ship within 3-4 working days, shipped USPS First Class if under 1 lb. or USPS Priority Mail if over 1 lb.

All questions about tack should be directed to